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25 & 26 OF July

capturing and celebrating the moment of solidarity




We came together as friends and change agents critically observing the COVID-19 progress. We are concerned about the exposure of embedded inequalities, and at the same time excited about the growing number of solidarity initiatives and an emerging sense of community. We want to capture this moment of solidarity with you in Brighton & Hove, and beyond. 


The COVIDARITY Festival provides a space for you to celebrate our new sense of togetherness, to connect and share stories. We want to encourage conversations on a progressive vision for the post-COVID-19 situation, one for a new society in which solidarity processes are sustained and ingrained. We look at harnessing some of the goodwill that we have witnessed through the crisis and want to form and consolidate a holistic community identity for those living in Brighton & Hove. We aim to unite through art and activism in an unforgettable event that will live longer in us than the two days of workshops, talks and music in July.


We invite you to follow us, to support us, and to stay connected. We cannot wait to share the festival progress and to be celebrating, thinking and re-creating our future ingrained in solidarity in the coming weeks.


Lets show COVIDarity!



You might need to sign-up in order to attend certain events (such as workshops, courses and Q&A). 

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