Brighton Black Lives Matter


We, as a new team of people promoting much-needed justice for Brighton and beyond, are honored to be featuring at this festival. As the hosts of this festival have highlighted to us, we also share the same values and codes of conduct and are so happy to find like-minded people. Race does not merely exist on its own, it is intersected with many marginalized identities and we hope that, whether being the most to the least privileged, we can all unite together to fight against inequity in any shape or form, step-by-step.

Our team is shocked at the turn out on the 13th, we are proud of the previous organizers but also proud of Brighton coming together to continue this generational battle. We presume, like us, the previous organizers' hearts were warmed at the unexpected result, since we are living in such an unsettling climate. We hope to see a similar (or hopefully better) result than the event previously organized; a new team wanting to create a new vision, hopefully to be executed more effectively.

Taking this baton of leading change, we firstly want to thank anyone, whether being situated in Brighton or not, who have been actively taking the movement into their own homes. The biggest protest you can have is one with yourself, and those around you. For any change to be made, the focus should not solely be on the institutions provoking further injustice, but we all should tackle change in those we surround ourselves with. Manifestations can be organized, but if those who are attending have a negative and discriminatory viewpoint or hold values likewise, there is no point. It takes a village to raise a child, and so the community must come together to tackle injustice in familial relations, friendships, co-workers (and so on). We hope that this is already happening, but we want to place an emphasis upon this and furtherly push the balance between individual and collective responsibility.

We can find that history often repeats itself, and you can argue that this could potentially be occurring now. However, what the profound difference is that generosity, tenacity and many more positive qualities are still rooted deeply in a restrictive time. From what we have already seen, the community is so generous in what they can offer, sacrificing any monetary or any other help that is needed. People are connecting the links between their ordinary lives and how they can contribute towards this collective vision. Brighton, it is a euphemism for us to say that we are inspired and proud of you.

However, there is still work that needs to be done. Brighton is not a liberal or necessarily diverse place, which juxtaposes the many views people have on this city. But, if we want to claim this title and make it truthful, then we must take action to pick up the pieces. We are human, with flaws and will make mistakes, but we can no longer follow cancel culture, for this only emphasizes white supremacy and results with even more injustice. Allow yourself to be corrected, to re-evaluate your views, to be tender with yourself in the process of changing society and yourself, a flower blooms gradually, but not lazily.

We will march on the streets in a peaceful fashion, we will highlight the many names diminished in British history; some we may never get to hear, read or see. But, as we come together, they will walk with us in spirit full of pride. Brighton cannot go back to “normal”; we need to create a normal that benefits everyone, not just a collective few.

So, join us, only if you can. Chanting from your homes is just as valuable as taking to the streets. Safety is our top priority, and if you and/or your associates/loved ones are vulnerable, may be reconsider joining. This movement is not about the numbers necessarily, but about the passion to demand change for the betterment of today and tomorrow. The present action for the future picture!


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Stay safe, be kind and unapologetic in demanding justice. :)