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I am a social entrepreneur committed to transforming out-of-date business models with new “businesses for good” built to put people and communities first.


My foremost passion is my business, HISBE Food, which I launched with my sister Amy and our friend Jack. HISBE is a new type of supermarket chain, with a social enterprise business model, designed to support a sustainable future for food and farming. Since 2010, we have developed our purpose-led and commercially-driven business from an innovative concept to a successful multi-million-pound social enterprise ready for replication.


Alongside running HISBE as an Executive Director, I help fellow change-makers to start, run and grow their own “businesses for good.” In 2018 I cofounded the Good Business Club, to coach and connect budding local entrepreneurs at all stages of their business journey. In 2019 I launched “HISBE Bootcamp,” to equip the next generation of food rebels to follow in our footsteps and launch their own change-making shops and brands.

WORKSHOPS & courses
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Our Future Now is a diverse collective of radical young people fighting to create an inclusive, anti-capitalist, feminist, queer, anti-racist, anti-imperialist, anti-ableist and ecological ‘future now’. We work horizontally and by consensus decision making on global justice issues such as climate justice and freedom of movement by organising direct action, workshops, talks, reading groups and more. Our activism is centred on creating spaces for collective learning and networks supporting struggles for justice. Equally, we are dedicated to community making - this means having radical fun, dancing and eating together. 


We operate autonomously as part of the Global Justice Now youth network.



Muhebur Rahman Shaha

Muhebur Rahman Shaha is a short film Director and founder of film collective MarsiFilm. He champions storytelling as a person of colour to help campaign for representation within UK film. Currently, Muhebur Rahman Shaha is working on 2 new short films and a drama series.


He'll present a western based on a line from Moby Dick. A Cowboy is on the run for the murder of his wife, and the local sheriff. Innocent of all crimes, there's only one thing left to do, run. He ventures into the unknown where nature starts to play mind tricks on him.


Graham le page

Graham LePage is a DJ with an Afro-centric perspective and a predilection for polyrhythms. He curates music for moving, for sober ecstasy, for tearing down and building up, for the corn kernel shaking inside the gourd, for the body grounded on the earth.


Audio brings us together while we remain apart, dancing to the same beat.


Celebration sustains struggle. Music fuels social movements.



Tough Cookie is proud to be giving a platform to marginalized voices & minorities to share their stories & art. The mission? To talk about & tackle Stigma-Smashing Subjects and push forward an open & judgement-free conversation across the board.


Having released their first-ever issue, Erin James, founder of Tough Cookie, is here to continue the conversation through a series of exciting new podcasts that aim to address issues that people are facing and push-forward a more inclusive, open and progressive conversation on social & political issues affecting minority groups today.