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Sat 25, 3PM: Debating for Social Justice
A talk looking to provide people with argumentative and communication tools to make them feel more comfortable at debating. ​

The presentation is run by Marcela Gomez, a competitive debater that was part of the Mexico's National Debating Team from 2018-2019, has won 8 international tournaments, been best speaker in more than 15 international competitions, and semi finalist in the World's Universities Debating Championship.

She is also an activist for justice, equality, feminism, and LGBTIQ+.
Sat 25, 6.45PM: The Week My Life Mattered
A discussion focused on the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement during lockdown, our initial thoughts and what we hope for the future, with:

- Jade Hylton: Black British Art Model, creative events manager, writer, photographer and artist from Brighton.

- Tendai Lewis: local activist and PHD student studying in Brighton, who focuses on exploring the impact of social constructions on our identities and lived experiences.
Sat 25, 7.45PM: Numb Habits, by Sara Ollero
'In the strangest times we are living, one of the things that kept me sane during this pandemic was cinema. As an independent filmmaker, I was grateful in a way to have all that spare time in my hands. Finally, I could watch all those classic films that I’ve never seen, explore international filmmakers and get inspiration from different genres and styles.

So let me introduce you my latest short film “Numb Habits” which I wrote and directed, and was shot last year in Brighton.'
Sat 25, 7.50PM: Buffalo, by Muhebur Rahman Shaha
Muhebur is a short film Director and founder of film collective MarsiFilm. He champions storytelling as a person of colour to help campaign for representation within UK film.

He'll present a western based on a line from Moby Dick.
Sat 25, 8PM: Brightest and Best, by Joanna Suchomska
Brightest and Best is an upcoming short documentary series and a platform aiming to promote solidarity among European and British citizens in the UK and across Europe through storytelling.
Sat 25, 8PM: Graham Le Page (DJ Set)
Graham LePage is a DJ with an Afro-centric perspective and a predilection for polyrhythms. He curates music for moving, for sober ecstasy, for tearing down and building up, for the corn kernel shaking inside the gourd, for the body grounded on the earth.

Audio brings us together while we remain apart, dancing to the same beat.

Celebration sustains struggle. Music fuels social movements.
Sat 25, 8.15PM: Tough Cookie Mag (Podcast)
Tough Cookie is proud to be giving a platform to marginalized voices & minorities to share their stories & art. The mission? To talk about & tackle Stigma-Smashing Subjects and push forward an open & judgement-free conversation across the board.

Having released their first-ever issue, Erin James, founder of Tough Cookie, is here to continue the conversation through a series of exciting new podcasts that aim to address issues that people are facing.
Sun 26, 2.45PM: Naz
Are you ready for a talk by Nazan KaplankiranNaz, otherwise known as HAVVA ? 🤩💜
She is an advocate for invisible illness awareness. Her passion for this stems from her physical health disability- Rod Cone Dystrophy, (a condition resulting to gradual loss of vision). She expresses her story through writing, singing, public speaking, sharing other people's journey's on her blog, and through posing weekly inspirational content on her instagram.
Sun 26, 7PM: Clock Tower Sanctuary
The Clock Tower Sanctuary is the only drop-in day centre in Brighton & Hove for 16-25-year-olds experiencing homelessness. Our vital service provides the practical and emotional support these young people desperately need. In 2019, we helped 186 young people, that’s over 4,000 visits to our day centre. Our mission is that no young person becomes part of the long-term homeless population.

Frances Duncan, CEO of The Clock Tower Sanctuary, talks about the work the charity does to support young
Sun 26, 7.15PM: ETHICUL
The trio from Ethicul made up of final year Brighton university students will talk about founding their business during their final year exams and a global pandemic. Ethicul are here to support ethical independent retailers and ensure they get the exposure they deserve, by implementing the UK's first platform that rewards you for shopping with ethical, local and sustainable independents in Brighton & beyond.
Sun 26, 7.30PM: Indigo Riot
Blending avant garde, experimental music, and punk into a barely containable package, they have quickly gained a reputation as one of Brighton’s most interesting art outfits. After forming in December 2019, they played a string of shows around Brighton in January, before shunning the limelight in exchange for valuable time in the home studio. Here they recorded their Project 33, a record they claim is their favourite collection of songs ever made by anyone.
Sun 26, 8PM: Alison's Poetry
Alison Rumfitt is scary.

Her pamphlet The T(y)ranny was published last year by Zarf Editions, and her debut collection WHO WILL SURVIVE AND WHAT WILL BE LEFT OF THEM will be out next year from 87 press.

Her writing deals with horrific and transcendent bodies, the end of the world and the end of gender. She has written a novel, called Tell Me I'm Worthless, which is about a haunted house and two girls who driven to reactionary thought by it.
Sun 26, 8.30PM: Beattie
Beattie is a drag queen, writer and opinionated little shit from Merseyside, currently living in Brighton. They are working on a collection of poetry examining fairytales, the Reformation and foxes.
Sun 26, 8.45PM: Nehaal Bajwa
Nehaal Bajwa is a PhD student and absolute joker, who writes “poetry” ‘about’ feeling angry and whining about it to people you’re not really speaking to at the moment.
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Sun 26, 8.30PM: Beattie

Beattie is a drag queen, writer and opinionated little shit from Merseyside, currently living in Brighton. They are working on a collection of poetry examining fairytales, the Reformation and foxes.