• Covidarity Festival

Claudia Malallah's photographs

My work focuses on how as we move into a post-covid world, those who are forced to flee their homes are still facing immense hardship. For example, as we all relatively easily follow the instructions to wash our hands repeatedly and social distance, these measures are much harder to adhere to in refugee camps as there is very limited access to water, sanitation and health facilities. In addition, camps are so overcrowded that it is very difficult to keep social distances meaning the spread of coronavirus is more likely. Moreover, refugees fleeing war zones and persecution are becoming trapped due to increasingly harsh migration policies and border closures. My work, which consists of photography, painting and installation, aims to show the hardship refugees face and to reiterate to audiences that they are vulnerable, innocent people in need of our aid.

© 2020 by Karim Lemond for Covidarity Festival

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